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Format of PATCH directories

There is a problem with status in systems which will require changing
the format of the patch directory once again.  I think the change will
be upward compatible.  Basically, if I have a system FOO, when I build
it, it should be :EXPERIMENTAL.  As a rule, until a few patches have
been made, it is still in a state which is unfit to be released.  So
after I've made those few patches, I change the status to :RELEASED.

Now Joe LUser comes along and does (MAKE-SYSTEM 'FOO).  He notices that
the system is released, so he doesn't load any patches.  In fact, the
system is not released until a few minor versions later, and he probably
will get screwed.

A typical new patch directory will look as follows:

 (1 "Frob fixed." "FRED")
 (2 "More brain damage." "TED")
 (3 "Minor fix to mumble." "JED")

Thus the system is not marked :RELEASED until the required patches have
been fixed.  Similarly, it will now be possible to show which patches
were the cause of the system becoming :BROKEN, and LOAD-PATCHES might be
able to warn the user:  "If you load this patch, the system status will
change to :BROKEN.  There are as of yet no patches to fix this
brokenness.  Are you sure you want to continue?".