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I am having trouble with name conflicts.  So, you say, put it in it's own package.
That I have done.  The trouble is that packages don't seem to work as advertised
and I wish they would.  I have this very large file that happens to have some
functions with the same name as functions in the GLOBAL package.  When I
specifically say 

(package-declare foo global 1000
	(shadow global-function-name))

the global-function-name is correctly shadowed.  However, I don't happen to know
which names in my file are already found in the GLOBAL package, so I can't
specifically shadow them until I find them.  The manual claims "If foo attempts to
redefine a function such as car which is present in the global package but neither 
shadowed nor externed, confirmation from the user will requested".  However,
confirmation was NOT requested.  As a result, the only method I have discovering
whether I have redefined a global function, when I really wanted to have my own
definition of that function, is to load the file and wait for the machine to barf.
Any suggestions?

Thanks, Laura