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In ETHER 24.6, System 78.44, microcode 841, on Xerox Lisp Machine One:

     From: Daniel L. Weinreb <dlw at SCRC-TENEX>
     Subject: m-L in the error handler
     Cc: BUG-lispm at MIT-AI
     Johan's problem happens when you have a large frame in a small window,
     such that all of the arguments and locals do not fit into the window.
     Try making a medium-sized window, typing foo, and M-L'ing the *EVAL
     frame and you can make the problem happen.  Of course, it does
     go into the usual **MORE** break, so it doesn't really wrap around
     before you can read it.  (Unless Johan is talking about some other
     bug that I don't know about.)

I have **MORE** processing turned off, however, I still think it
shouldn't print more than a screenfull.  In the case in point the
interaction-pane is about half the screen, although I frequently change
its size and maybe the bug is that the error handler somehow gets the
previous size of the pane (it was about 3/4 of the screen in the
previous configuration and I entered the error-handler many times then).

Here is the make-window if it helps.

(tv:make-window  'ELEMENT-FRAME
		     ':save-bits t
		     ':panes `((element element-pane :blinker-p nil :label nil)
			       (pointer pane :label nil :more-p nil)
			       (interaction-pane pane :label nil :more-p nil)
			       (graphics1 graphics-pane :label nil :blinker-p nil :more-p nil)
			       (graphics2 graphics-pane :label nil :blinker-p nil :more-p nil)
			       (menu tv:command-menu-pane
				     :item-list ,*qual-commands*))
		     ':constraints '((init . ((interaction-pane menu)
					      ((menu 3 :lines))
					      ((interaction-pane :even))))
				     (main . ((element pointer interaction-pane menu)
;					      ((menu :ask :pane-size)) **doesnt work.
					      ((menu 3 :lines))
					      ((pointer 1 :lines))
					      ((element :eval *element-height*))
					      ((interaction-pane :even))))
				     (circuit-graph .
					((element pointer graphics1 interaction-pane menu)
					 ((menu 3 :lines))
					 ((pointer 1 :lines))
					 ((element :eval *element-height*))
					 ((graphics1 :eval
					   (fix (* .75 tv:**constraint-remaining-height**))))
					 ((interaction-pane :even)))))
			    ':selected-pane 'interaction-pane)