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In zwei in System 78.34, ZMail 38.5, microcode 836, " VAX", on Lisp Machine Twenty:

I was reading in ai:lmdoc;bug lispm into the editor and after
56% of it was read in I got the following error:

>> error: The argument function-spec was NIL, while in
SI:function-spec-get <- Zwei:sectionize-buffer <-

It happened a couple of times.


Just after I typed the above I tried to mail it.  I was logged
into the VAX at the time and it went down.  After hitting END to
mail it I got the following error -  MIT-VAX connection lost (or
something like that)
while in the function
 (Method fs:host-unit validate-control connection) <- (method
fs:file-host-mixin get-host-unit) <- fs:homedir-chaos

Is there a good reason for generating an error in MAIL if the
logged in machine dies?