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In System 78.40, ZMail 38.5, Local-File 32.4, Experimental DAEDALUS 29.1, microcode 843, Daed 29.1, on Lisp Machine Two:

band three on this machine (cadr-2) was saved after a long process which ran with
gc on (it had flipped several times).  When attempting to reboot this band you
get an error message saying that a packet is being returned to ncp which is not
free (I think that's the bug).  If you back out of this error using the error handler
you can run for a while (short while) but the machine will freeze up immediately if
you attempt to enter the editor.

This is the second time we've tried to save a band with the entire scheme chip on it.
Both times we've been unable to disk restore the band sucessfully.  This problem is
extremely painful and is slowing our work down terribly.  Could someone please treat this
as a priority issue.

The band will stay on cadr-2 until someone says they've looked at it or until everyone
says they don't care to try to figure out the problem.


(ps I'll be at HP Labs thurs and fri if anyone wants to look at this and needs more