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In System 78.44, ZMail 38.5, microcode 836, on Lisp Machine Twenty-two:

Four points about using defsystem conveniently:

1.  There should be a special defsystem variable which contains the original
keyword-list of arguments to MAKE-SYSTEM [such as '(:compile :noconfirm)].

2.  User-defined transformations should be able to take NO input (not even a

3.  Transformations should be able to take system names as input, not just
module or file names.  One way to do this would be to allow an external module
component to consist of just a system name, which would mean that system.

4.  There should be a :make-system transformation which makes its arguments (by
default with the same keywords as were passed to the top-level make-system, but
this should be alterable).  Note that this allows transformations to depend on
the existence of a system.