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Process SEND Server getting errors

    kmp@MIT-MC 01/15/82 00:03:48 Re: Process SEND Server getting errors
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI
    In System 78.43, ZMail 38.5, PA 11.4 on band 6 of Cadr-22 with patches loaded:

    Is my LispM the only one that has a broken SEND server? I have been unable to
    get sends for at least a week now. Consistently whenever I get sends, I get
    notification saying my send server has erred. I have occasionally gotten name
    server errors, too -- I can't tell if they happen always or just some of the 
    time. I can say, however, that I don't get any sends coming through successfully.
    Could someone please suggest something? I'd be glad to supply any helpful 
    debugging info. It's very frustrating. Thanks.

It appears that, unless that band has been transported to other lisp
machines, Cadr-22 is the only one with a broken send server.  The reason
is that somebody has SETQed the variable CHAOS:SAVED-SENDS to a string
without a leader.  I looked at the login history of the band, and ZVONA,
TURNIP, and KBE have all messed with the band.  I hope if any of them
were responsible they will not do so again.

I did not check the NAME server, although I assume any bugs are from the
same source.

In the meantime, when you get a notification that a process got an
error, you can always go to the error by typing Terminal-0-S.  That and
a quick look at the source was all it took for me to diagnose the error.