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    Date: Friday, 15 January 1982, 20:19-EST
    From: David Chapman <Zvona at MIT-AI>

    In System 78.44, ZMail 38.5, Experimental Tester 18.5, microcode 836, on Lisp Machine Twenty-two:

    string-search-char should barf on a non-character first arg.  I
    keep getting the two arguments backward and then not being able
    to figure out why I'm losing so bad.
It's fixed in the source to do so.  Use control-shift-A in the editor
to remind yourself of argument order.  I use it for almost everything
these days.

    Is string-search-char supposed to be faster than string-search,
    or why are we supposed to use it when string-search does the same
    thing with the same args?
It's quite a bit faster.  But I guess no one ever realized that the
coercion from characters to strings makes string-search do everything
string-search-char does.