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Difference between characters and bucky bits

    MOON@MIT-MC 01/14/82 01:33:31 Re:  Difference between characters and bucky bits
    To: ZVONA at MIT-AI
	Date: 12 January 1982 16:31-EST
	From: David Chapman <ZVONA at MIT-AI>

	Well, this is not a technical problem, because (tyo 839) prints <839>
    If so, it must be a bug in the window system.  It should complain that
    the argument is not a character.
For a good time, (tyo 5.3678e78).
    What happens if you (tyo 839) to a file?  That is the issue.  FORMAT
    has to work for all kinds of streams, including files, not just windows.
There already are escape conventions for printing some printing
characters into files.  Could these not be extended to cover
bucky bits?