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    Date: Monday, 11 January 1982, 10:25-EST
    From: Robert W. Kerns <RWK at MIT-MC>
	Moon@MIT-MC 11/16/81 02:12:12
	GET whose first argument is a random data type (e.g. a FEF) returns NIL
	rather than complaining.  This is not a new bug.  It is possible that
	it is a Maclisp-compatibility "feature", I don't know.  Any objections
	to changing it?
    (Reading old mail again...)  This is indeed a MacLisp compatability
    misfeature.  Not only did I flush this in NIL's GET, but NIL's GET
    will complain if it notices an odd-length PLIST, or if you do (GET () ...)
I forgot to state the results:  It found a few lossages where MACSYMA
wanted to do GET on numbers, and on odd-length lists, and similar lossages.
Some of these were bugs, and all have or will be fixed.