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Re: Saving screen images

   (apropos "foo" "bar")

and it did some typeout, i could do Terminal G and it would pop up a window asking
what name I wanted to save my screen image to. I would say something mnemonic
like ``(apropos "foo" "bar")'' and it would save it. Then I could continue my 
session. Later if I did Terminal G it would give me a pop-up menu of the screens
I had saved...

Other operations on saved images, like Killing them, Queueing them to the XGP
(note this is slightly different than queueing a screen image, because it is
smaller), etc. might want to be made available. Also, the saved screen images
might want to be per-window or might want to be global (so you could save them
in one environment and call them back in another...). Deciding the right thing
would require more thought than I have given it -- but I think the idea is sound.