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Reading the Readtable

One problem with the existing feature is that there is no way to ask a
readtable what is in it.  I admit that I don't know why you would want
this, but you might.

Also, Alan said:
    I agree that having a symbolic name for a usefull syntax is a good
    idea, but I cannot possibly think up names for all of them.  Remember
    that A is different from E is different from S etc.  Do you have a
    specific syntax that you think deserves a name?

in reply to Henry's:
    Ideally, it would returns keywords as acceptable to 

So maybe Henry is just asking for something that returns the "description"
without returning that information which differs between A and S.

I'd also be interested in knowing what the application is, though; maybe
there's a better solution that we should be implementing.