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[no subject]

    It is not acceptable to me that random keywords do not give errors.  If the keywords
    you are using can be just as well ignored, then I wonder about the functionality.
If you are trying to say that they must be no-ops or not useful,
you ought to know better.
They can "just as well" be ignored only in that I know how to design
them so that the calling programs continue to work if they are ignored.
This in no way limits what purpose the new open keyword can achieve.
    If they cannot be safely ignored, then ignoring them is asking for lots of trouble.
    In order to supoprsupport many different file systems, things in the system itself
    need to consider the lowest common denominator, or else check explictly when they
    can use a feature supplied by only one file system.
At present there is no way to make such a check.
My initial message suggested implementing one, but I do not seem to be
getting any positive response.

    I do not see any automatic way
    around this.
I suggested two such ways: namely, either ignore unknown keywords, or
have a keyword which says to ignore unknown keywords.

I am raising this issue only for your sake, since I would expect you
would like to avoid having to change your file systems when I need to
introduce new open keywords and make the editor use them.  I am
willing to go to some extra effort to make things continue to work
without your having to change anything, but first you must co-operate
enough to create a mechanism for me to do so.