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PATHNM changes and you

I looked at your directory listing code, and I really think that you can
speed up the operation of your file system if you don't go through the
intermediary of a directory stream.  You still may want to implement
:DIRECTORY-STREAM for possible use with QFILE someday, or simply because
it's good to have a directory stream of some sort.  However, the default
should be something which conses up the directory list directly from the
internal file system structure.  See my FS for what I mean.

If you still want to use a directory stream, you should define what is
now READ-DIRECTORY-STREAM-ENTRY to be a message to pathnames, and define
your own format of directory stream, which I think you'll probably need.
If you still feel strongly about changing the QFILE format of
DIRECTORY-STREAM, it should be discussed and done in a manner acceptable
to everyone.

			-- Dave