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Various flames

The LMFILE remote and server code are now yours.  I don't care anything
about them, since you've hacked them into an unfathomable state which
includes new undefined messages and explicit support of your file
system.  I have moved the system declarations for LMFILE-SERVER and
LMFILE-REMOTE to LMFILE;SYSTEM.  Do with them as you wish.

I am very upset by your recent patches which affect the file system.
First, they have no place in the patches for System.  For instance,
78.34 won't load in an enviroment which does not have your file system
stuff in it.  Patches to LMFILE-REMOTE, LMFILE-SERVER, and LFS should be
made to those respective systems, and not to the world.

Thank-you for flushing the :STRUCTURED-mumble messages to pathnames.  I
had given up hope.