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info-lispm msg

1) for the nth time, info-lispm is (surprise!) NOT where to
send questions about lispms, their software, hardware, manuals,
or whatever. the right place to send such commentary is
bug-lispm, which includes the lispm maintainers and such lispm
users as care to see all the bug reports and discussions of
how to fix them. info-lispm is a very much larger list, comprising
everyone who wants to see system-change announcements; many people
on info-lispm don't use lispms or even don't have access to any,
so msgs like yours are only junk to them, as well as loading
down COMSAT unduly and eating up unnecessary disk space.
2) i recall having heard that the dover runs too fast to be able 
to print knight tv and lispm monitor screens. there is a command
-- i think <terminal>q, do <terminal><help> to check this -- which
will print lispm monitor screens on the XGP.
3) lispm maintainers: section 1) of this msg is now LMDOC;BUG NOTINF.
i will pretty up the capitalization, and then it can be snarfed
into replies to all similar lusers who send bugs to INFO-LISPM.