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Make-system can get confused over which files need loading.

In System 78.27, ZMail 38.4, Local-File 30.4, Experimental DAEDALUS 29.1, microcode 837, on Lisp Machine Eight:

How does MAKE-SYSTEM figure out which files need loading?  I have a
system NODES where all the files have recent qfasl's.  (make-system
'nodes) gets everything loaded properly. (make-system 'nodes ':compile)
yields no files to be recompiled, as expected.  However,
QC-FILE-LOAD'ing a file of the system (I did this with a file in the
last module, which nothing depends on, if that makes any difference)
confuses make-system as to which files need loading-- (make-system
'nodes) after the qc-file-load will ask to load the file which was just
loaded.  This happens regardless of whether the file was changed before
qc-file-load'ing it.