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In System 78.18, ZMail 38.2, Local-File 30.3, Experimental DAEDALUS 29.1, microcode 837, on Lisp Machine Eight:

two things:
1) When I walk up to cadr-8 which is in DPL package, and has just been cold booted
and start up an editor, it will be forever in the dpl package... If i do a bkpt
and type (pkg-goto 'user) it is still in DPL when I resume

how do i get the editor into USER pkg

2) I dont like how if you do (make-array 10) you cant access element 10.
It screws up programs which calculate array dims and then try to pass them as 
bounds. i know i can subtract 1, but i dont like the idea. 
maybe (array-dimensions (make-array 10)) should return 9...