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The "2 not meaningful refname" error comes from trying to parse a server
OPEN response (which is only sent in the case of successfully opening a
file) from an old server which does not understand some recent improvments
to the FILE protocol.  This change was made in such a way as to be
incompatible with existing file servers, without adaquate efforts to ensure
all file servers were updated before installing it.  You have two options.
One is to find a band with system 74 on it somewhere, and continue to use
that until someone updates SPEECH (as I must update the VMS file servers).
Another is to load the file "MC:RWK;PATH", which is a patch file which allows
the system to understand either syntax.  (It should be copied to AI:RWK;PATH
as well, I guess).

I believe there is some other situation which loading my patch file does not
fix.  I don't recall for sure, but at least it isn't as important as being
able to read and write files.

In the meantime, the apropriate person should import a new file server to