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    Date: 15 December 1981 16:30-EST
    From: Richard M. Stallman <RMS at MIT-AI>
    In System 78.13, ZMail 38.1, Local-File 30.3, microcode 836, on Lisp Machine Filecomputer:
    Doing a QC-FILE, an error happened in ZWEI:MOVE-BP because the BP
    was the BP was the symbol COMPILER:D-PDL.  The caller was
    DELETE-INTERVAL, and it got the "bp" from element 3 of the array
    leader of a line, which was the list (COMPILER:D-PDL STRINGP).
That's the LINE-BP-LIST.  It is manipulated by all the subprimitives,
namely insertion, deletion and movement.

    This is probably a temporary area problem, and maybe it is worth finding
    the places that update that slot of a line.
Hardly.  It is worth finding the rest of the places in the compiler that do output
with default-cons-area temporary, though.