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[no subject]

qc-file does not seem to expand macros defined in the file it is compiling.
for example, a file with:

(defmacro scanarray** ((arr xorg yorg xmax ymax) &rest body)
     `(do ((y ,yorg (1+ y))
	 ((= y ,ymax))
       (do ((x ,xorg (1+ x)))
	   ((= x ,xmax))
	 (setq val (aref ,arr x y))

(defun test (arr &aux xdim ydim (sum 0))
  (setq xdim (array-dimension-n 1 arr)
	ydim (array-dimension-n 2 arr))
  (scanarray** (arr 0 0 xdim ydim)
	     (setq sum (+ sum val)))

in it does not expand scanarray** .. though it works if i do qc-file-load
twice so that the macro is defined in the environment the second time around

am i forgetting to set some switch ??
(this was on cadr4 version 19.7)