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#-prefixes which contain letters are a bad idea in general
because it is impossible for EMACS to parse them; this cannot be fixed.
For example, #Q(FOO BAR) is parsed as two objects, just like
UGH(FOO BAR).  When it was just #Q and #M, neither of which was
used in very many programs and neither of which was the only way
to accomplish the purpose, this did not matter very much.
But it is a bad idea to define any new prefixes which will
have this problem, especially for any really useful purposes.

By NOT using a letter after the #, it is possible to avoid this problem.
The rule is that if you throw away the # what remains should
look like one object.  If that is so, it will look like one object
with the # also.

Defining a prefix for things like CGOL and MACSYMA may be an exception
in that there is no hope of parsing those properly anyway.