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Control characters

    GLS@MIT-AI 09/13/79 10:20:23 Re: Control characters
    For MacLISP's purposes, it seems to me that #^/C should read
    as a 3 in 7-bit mode, and that #/ should be illegal.  They are
    not the same character at all.  If one believes the theory of
    characters I have espoused before (and I suppose not all of you will,
    but that's okay), then MacLISP's 7-bit mode internally supports
    128 characters which map to the external characters Control-@,
    Control-A, ..., Control-_, space, !, ", ..., {, |, }, rubout
    [but instead of Control-L is FORM, etc.?]

I agree with this.  For the same reason, I don't consider typing Top-X
(i.e. beta) the same thing as typing Control-C even if the console is opened
in 7-bit mode.

Similarly, if one is hacking 12-bit input, #/ should turn into the
appropriate ITS representation for beta.