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    AGRE@MIT-AI 08/30/79 12:42:48
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI
    Also, there seems to be some change in the :NAMED option whereby if a kind
    of structure used to be called COORDINATE-PAIR, a user-provided function
    called COORDINATE-PAIR would be sent a :PRINT msg when one had to be printed,
    but now the printer just prints #<COORDINATE-PAIR 1234567>.  If this is
    an incompatible change, where is documentation on it?
This probably is the result of fixing a bug in print.  It sounds like your
function does not handle the :WHICH-OPERATIONS message.  Up to date
documentation on this may be found in the "named structure" section
of the file AI: LMMAN; DEFSTR >.