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When the mouse is moved quickly in system 17, it generates
this large cross. I assume this is so the mouse can be
quickly located, well folks if the mouse is moved such as to
cause part of the cross to be off the top or bottom of the
screen, an error occurs in TV-ERASE when it attempts to
erase off the screen....

TV-DRAW-LINE behaves randomly when given small-flonum (and I
assume regular flonum) arguments instead of fixnums.
Although it is a bit meaningless to call this function with
flonums, it should either warn you or attempt to warn you
instead of doing the wrong thing. It may not be practical to
do cross checking in TV-DRAW-LINE because it is supposed to
be fast, but a caveate is probably apropriate for the

Zwei windows cannot be created in system 17. You probably
already know this.

			Happy hacking