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There is now SI:KBD-TYI-HOOK.  KBD-TYI calls it on each character.
It can return the character, a translated character, or NIL to ignore the char.
This normally handles ^Z and BREAK.
the character, and T to "read" it normally.  This allows the error handler
to work properly with rubbing out a sexp and then typing a control character.
Normally, this hook just beeps at all control characters now.
It will be necessary to make ZWEI bind the KBD-TYI-HOOK when reading commands
so that it can see ^Z as a command.  It might simplify the command loop
to make it handle BREAK as an odrinary command to enter a break loop
rather than calling BREAK when the character is read.  Then, ZWEI would want to
make the KBD-TYI-HOOK be an identity function such as PROGN.