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	In system 16.3 upon warm booting arranges for all
processes that were running at the time of the warm boot, to
be running after the boot. I imagine that this is a side
effect of internalizing process run reasons etc. I believe
that having process run reasons be internal to the process
involved is a good idea, however, when the machine is warm
booted it would be nice if only the default system processes
(the Initial-Lisp-Listener and friends) were running,
perhaps there should be a bit in the process structure that
says whether or not the given process should live accross
warm boots. This could be checked by going over
"active-processes" when the machine is warm booted. It is
often the case that looping errors (or other randomness)
could cause you to want to warm boot and if these random
processes are restarted it doesn't help you much.