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Lisp machine 3 became hung when i was supduping --> mc --> ml
(The AI fair share was in the dumps, and there were 2-3 free
The screen blinked several times (the bell did not ring), and i--rather
alarmed--tried a c-m-c-m-<cr> and found it didn't work; i then tried
a c-m-c-m-<rubout> and it cleared the screen, printed the greeting, but
refused to echo any chars but ' and |.  Its last words was an error msg
informing me taht the variable  (||) is unbound.  
Note: As i am not entirely aware of the distinction between warm & cold
boot, or even which char did which, i used the character to describe the
functoin.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  
	I'm afraid i have no idea what (if anything) i did to precipitate
this; it might be a flaky keyboard connection or something.  In any case,
you should prob. check it out.
	Sorry to bother you, dhd.