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Re: Location of Color Lisp Machine

The origional plan was to put the color machine in GJS's office.
Unfourtunatly, this may turn out to be a bad idea.  The main
problem is office space, as we can pretty much put a machine anywhere
on the 9th floor.  We have decided that it is also possible to run a 
console down to the 8th floor, as long as the office it is targetted
for is pretty much "under" the machine. GJS's office would qualify.
Therefore, if you can come up with some place, we can try to put it there.

I certainly agree, by the way, that it would probably be better
in a room by itself; taking into account not only the need for "lights out"
but also the heavy use given to it (specifically, putting
it in GJS's office would either impose on GJS or on the users of that