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New trace features

In system 16, there will be a number of new features associated with TRACE.
Clicking trace in the system menu will pop up a window in which it will ask
you for the name of the function to be traced, and a menu of trace options.
This allows you to trace more conveniently than by typing its strange Lisp
forms.  The meta-X trace command in the editor will ask you for the function
in the mini-buffer; as usual hitting return gives you the function near the
editor cursor, or you may point at a function name in an editor buffer and
click the left button in the mouse.  After you have specified the function
name the trace options menu will pop up.

Another odd feature is that when you are creating a window, if you put the
lower-right corner above or to the left of the upper-left corner, instead
of an error you will get the whole screen.