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Re: Finding source of macros

    Doyle@MIT-AI 07/11/79 06:57:54 Re:  Non-documented macros
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI
    The system only knows that PACKAGE-DECLARE is a macro, but not from which file
    it comes.  I am guessing, but I think this is caused by its being a MACRO, rather
    than defined using DEFMACRO.  (I found this out by searching through directories
    untill I found it in a file.)  I don't know whether many more system functions are
    orphans in this way, but it certainly is annoying when one tries to find out what
    the options for some function really are, and then can't find the function text.
    If this is an isolated case, perhaps it can be fixed, but if there are lots of
    things like this (at least for complex functions like the above), learning how
    to use everything becomes much harder.

I have fixed this complicated initialization problem in the source code.  The fix
won't appear until the next system is built.