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Re: cleaning Lisp machine directory

    RICH@MIT-AI 07/08/79 20:23:10 Re: cleaning Lisp machine directory
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI
    Believe it or not disk space is running short again.
    In running COMMON;FIND JUNK I find a lot of junk
    on the various LISP machine directories.  How about
    you hackers being a little more conscientious about
    running 1 or 2 MM Clean$ on these.  In particular
    there are 8 (!) copies of LCADR;UCADR >, each of
    which is 133 blocks.
    Is there no Clean macro on the Lisp machine?
    Maybe there ought to be one soon....

We're usually fairly conscientious.  All or nearly all of those UCADRs are
there for a reason.  The stuff which gets edited on the Lisp machine,
on the other hand, is more likely not have been cleaned up.  There isn't
a directory editor on the Lisp machine yet, although there should be.