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  Series 14 cold load now installed on CADR1.  Due to perceived
need, this system will be installed on the other machines 
with less than the usual check-out period on CADR1.
(Like in a day or so if no horrible problems are found).
  It has a number of fixes and features, but the main thing is
that hopefully everything is "back together" again.  This is
important since several incompatible changes are planned which
require coordinated updating of the microcode and cold-load.
To this end, it will be a big help if the current source files
are kept in operational form so new systems can be made easily.
Please coordinate with me if you find it necessary to
leave a system file in a broken state.
  Extra special feature!!  In this winning new system, you can
actally print out the property list of PROG (for example) without
causing an error!!
  More documentation as to the other winning features is hopefully