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    JIS@MIT-MC 06/27/79 21:25:41
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-MC
    qc-file expands macros that exist in your current environment when
    compiling a file. This can cause gross lossage when the macro name
    conflicts with the name of a defined function in the input file.
    It may result in the compiler blowing out, or worse in the generation
    of incorrect code. I came across this bug when compiling a file
    that contained calls to a function "SEND" without being aware that
    the default LISPM environment had a "SEND" macro in it.
    	Realizing that this macro expansion may in fact be a feature,
    I strongly recomment that qc-file have a switch that will allow you
    to turn this feature off.

Maybe the right thing would be for the compiler to warn you if you
have a function in your file being compiled which disagrees with
a function already defined in a way which affects the compiled code,
i.e. if the pre-existing function is a macro or has a different pattern
of argument quotage.  This would go along with the "wrong number of
arguments" warnings that already exist (perhaps if you define a function
with a different number of arguments than pre-existing it should warn you
to ignore number of arguments warnings?)