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On CADR-5, running 5.16
1)  When the machine comes to life after cold booting, there is a window
"BUFFER-1" which seems to be in actuality a phantom.  You get a subscript
out of bounds error if you try to select it with the mouse, and ^X^B doesn't
know about it.

2)  When you do ^XM in ZWEI, directly after entering BUFFER-2 with it's default
size and position on the screen, the new buffer's window is larger than
the BUFFER-2, but doesn't clear the part of the window which has the margin
and label for BUFFER-2.

3)  When you enter ^XM it puts the cursor at the beginning of the buffer instead
of someplace useful like just after the "To: ", like RMAIL and BABYL do.

4)  The window created by ^XM really should be given a memnonic name instead of
"ZWEI-WINDOW-G0015".  Also, it would be nice to be able to enter ZMAIL via
the mouse instead of only via ^XM.  Or is there another way I don't know about?
But the mouse, being obvious, should also be a way.