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  A new cold load (system 5 series) is installed on CADR1 and 2.
It is experimental!  Since a extra Q has been added to the
stack-group representation, please do not recompile any system files
with the earlier systems.
  (some of the) notable changes are:
BASE and IBASE exist file properties.  You can actually assure your
file will be read in with the right radix!!!!  If the properties appear,
a BINDing sort of operation with the scope of the file occurs during
readin, compilation, and operations from ZWEI buffers.
  also an EVALUATOR file property is defined.  If set, it causes 
the ZWEI command cntrl-top-e (and similar) to use it instead of EVAL-PRINT.
  If a DEFCLASS is done when the class is already defined, it is a
no-op if the instance variables of the new class would be the same
as the existing class.  This avoids "losing" all the methods on
existing class.  If instance variables have been added or deleted,
the old class becomes "detached" (altho still operational) as before.