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The new feature of detecting multiple function definitions
in different files has a problem: the default definitions of
operations to read and write the variables of a class get counted,
so that if a defclass is in one file and another file overrides
the definition of one of those operations, it complains.

Also, if you make a copy of a file on another dir to make changes,
loading in that copy causes infinite questions.  I think the right
solution for this is to have an additional alternative besides
"ok" and "not ok" which says "this file is really the same as that one".
Then, it would be ok for this file to redefine any function in that one
with no questions asked.
This answer wouldn't require the user to specify the files
since the system knows the names of both of them already.

For the defclass, if it isn't convenient to mark them as "default definitions"
that are ok to redefine, then another possibility is to have something that
can be put in the file to say "I know I about to redefine soimething, so
don't complain."  If that isn't possible, it would be better to avoid remembering
the default accessor methods than to do what is done now.