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Re: System version ID

In the next world load, there will be features which keep track of a system
version ID, which takes the form of a major version number, a dot, a minor
version number, and additional commentary.  The major version number is
incremented each time you build a world-load, and the minor version number
is incremented each time you do a disk-save.  The commentary is intended for
things like "Macsyma is present".  The system version ID will be printed as part
of the "loaded band" message when you boot the machine, and should be included
in bug reports.  (The print-loaded-band function is what prints this.)

When you do a disk-save, it will type the old and new version ID's and ask
for confirmation.  Plain carriage return accepts the new ID, or you can type
a replacement ID to use instead and a carriage return.