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Load in TVWARM QFASL and TV-REDEFINE-PC-PPR will break
rather strangely, since it runs interpreted OK
and the macrocode looks ok
and couldn't possibly produce the strange results that happen.
In addition, an identical stretch of macrocode
in the version present in the default band on CADR 3 and 4
behaves the way it ought to.
Perhaps it depends on which halfword an instruction is in?
If it matters, I checked that TV-ROVING-BLINKER-LIST
was a real list that would CDR reasonably
and that there was only one such symbol in the machine.
In addition, the previous definition of TV-REDEFINE-PC-PPR
works when restored with UNDEFUN after the new TVWARM is loaded,
so the problem can't be due to anything else random done by that

Yagh!  The strange locative stored in local 22 points at the
word containing the next instruction to be executed!
Can something be overpopping?

This happened on CADR 3 and 4.