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Re: windows

If i do the following...
1) Shrink top-window to half the screen.
2) Put a main-supdup-window, appropriately shrunk, in the other half...
The system has the winning feature that if i am in top-window and i get
input to my supdup, it activates that window and i wind up there, cursor,
blinker and all.
Unfortunately, if i then invoke the editor, when i exit the editor only
top-window gets exposed. My supdup stays buryied even though its area of the screen
is otherwise unoccupied.
At very least, when the editor returns all windows that were around when it
snarfed the screen should be exposed. If the editor is not running in its own
process (which is the case) then i suspect that the problem is that top-window
is reexposed only because the listener cares about it. 
Better yet would be for incomming stuff to the supdup to force the supdup window
on top of the editor's window(s). 
Failing that, there should be a way to restrict the editor to less that the full
screen so that a supdup could stay around the bottom (or top).