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Re: MACROS etc.

The various conditionalizing macros found in LMMAC, such as
IF-IN-LISPM and IF-FOR-MACLISP  need to bee accessed by both
the LISPM stuff and various MACLISP programs intended to be
compatible.  I extracted them from LMMAC and put them in a file
LISPM2;IFMAC >  -  would it be appropriate to remove them from
LMMAC and change the coldloader to get them from IFMAC.
   Also, there is still pending the suggestion to take the 
MACLISP  LET package, which is intended to be compmatible for
all of LISPM, MACLISP, and NIL.  If this is done, then the
MACLISP  DEFMACRO package, which is a slight extension of the
existing LISPM one (in that it allows destructuring of arguments),
could be used too.