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Re: EINE's edit windows and bitblting

    ACW@MIT-AI 01/20/79 06:16:08 Re: More problems with screen


    It's clear that a lot of this bittling was not clearly thought out before it
    was implemented.  I'm sure the errors should go on the editor's screen: that way
    you could look at errors and code simultaneously.  But if that were done then
    (as things are now) they would be permanently emblazoned on your editor screen,
    until you could convince the editor to do a redisplay.  This is getting harder lately.
    For example, <form> doesn't redisplay, it just bittles.

The compilation errors as well as a lot of other information doesn't
go on the currently selected buffer's window (I assume thats what you
mean by editor's screen) because it doesn't logically belong there.
Putting it in a window of its own, as is done now, seems a reasonable
way of doing things because that window can be exposed and thus viewed
along with a buffer's window.  There is no clear way of manipulating
these two pieces of information if they occur in the same window.

In general, the editor was written when screen management was done one
way and now it is done differently.  Problems should be expected as we
determine what comprises a good screen management package.  It doesn't
make much sense to expend too much effort on EINE given ZWEI will be
on the scene soon(?).  None of this stuff is ready for general use, so
a little patience is in order.