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Re: Maybe you people know this already but...

   The ability to restore the screen using fancy bit-BLTs seems to have created
some bugs.  In particular, when ED makes some transgression like handing erroneous
code to the compiler or trying to send a file to ITS when CHAOS is in INACTIVE-STATE,
the error message that results becomes a permanent part of the current editor-buffer's
screen.  This does not apply to internal editor errors.  Hitting <form> does not
get rid of the uglitude.  Characters typed in the region of the error message
are mangled or invisible.  The uglitude remains no matter how many times you enter or
leave EINE. A whole C-M-C-M-<return> is needed to fix things.
   Perhaps these errors are being sent to the wrong place.
   Hmm. I just found that sometimes you *can* wipe this cruft by typing on it.
But not always.  Compilation errors are more stubborn.