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Re: New keyboards

Change SYMBOL back to TOP, it's less confusing.
Should GREEK be FRONT?
Change the backslash on the front of slash to integral sign.
The shifted frob to the left of the 1 key is a duplicate double-quote?
 Or is it diaresis?  Certainly useless to have a duplicate upper-case double-quote.
Can the CTRL key really be double-width only supported on one side?
 Will that work?  Will it bump into the board supports on the case??
Decrease the amount of wordage on the keys, I think NETWORK ESCAPE
 would be better called NET ESC.  Too much letters can be distracting.
Decide what colors the key tops will be.  Red keys lose, but 3 pastel
 colors rather than the present 2 will probably be helpful in sorting
 out all these extra keys.  Colors should be in large blocks since they
 exist to be seen out of the corners of the eyes.
Single-quote should be slanted not straight-up (nits, nits).
Change END TEXT to END.
Add keys called COMMAND and MACRO.  I don't have much preference where
 these should go.  Certainly flush YES in favor of these, maybe FLUSH,
 since it's the same as QUIT, isn't it?
Don't label A-LOCK, B-LOCK, ... with those names.  Maybe leave them blank,
 or label them just A, B, C, D.