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Window-oriented SUPDUP and TELNET are installed.
Make windows with (SETQ W (<- SUPDUP:SUPDUP-CLASS ':NEW))
(<- W ':EDGES<- whatever)
(<- W ':CONNECT wherever)
(<- W ':SELECT).
The functions SUPDUP and TELNET operate on MAIN-SUPDUP-WINDOW and -TELNET-...

One bug I don't understand is that Tenetting to a place not on the
chaos net gives "Internal error: ISE0".  This happens in band 7 also.

I programmed around the mysterious lossage by making the tty parameters
and finger string be sent by the handler for the :CONNECT message
instead of by the supdup input process when it starts up (which was
the way it was done when it lost).  I don't see why it ought to make
any difference, except that it appears to lose for that to be done
at the same time that the output process is able to go to work.
However, if you take the calls to SUPDUP-SEND-TTY-VARIABLES and
SUPDUP-SEND-FINGER-STRING out of the :CONNECT method and put them
in the :INPUT-TOP-LEVEL method after (PROG READ-INPUT (CH)
then it loses that way again.  One suspect I checked was that
a SUPDUP-OLOCK wasn't being done by those operations, but putting
one in did not fix the problem.