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A new system has been installed on CADR1.  There are several
important changes everyone should know about.

First, the "WHat package is it in?" message is gone (yay!!).
For normal user files, the system will assume that you want
the USER pacakge.  For files declared in PKGDCL, the system
will remember as before.  For those of you who have your own
packages (if any), you can put the name of the package in which
the file belongs into the file, by using the new "file property
list" scheme, i.e.  -*- Mode: Lisp; Package: Frobboz -*-.
Also, the functions LOAD, FASLOAD, and READFILE will all take
a package or package name as an optional second argument, and
will load the file into that package.  More detailed documentation
is (should be, anyway) forthcoming.

The default EINE environment now has Control-S set up to be
String Search, and Control-R set up to be Reverse String Search.
You use String Search by typing Control-S, the name of the string,
and altmode; there are other winning hairy features which are
in the self-documentation and are the same as those in ITS
^R String Search.

The Meta-. command in EINE will now do command completion on all
names that have been seen in any tags tables read in, and on the
names of any sections of files being edited in section mode.
The "-" character no longer does completion; use Altmode.  Soon
EINE will attempt to automatically find the source file of any
function loaded into the machine; stand by.