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Being clever about sending mail

    Date: Thursday, 17 June 1982, 16:04-EDT
    From: David L. Andre <DLA at MIT-AI>
	Date: 14 June 1982 10:40-EDT
	From: Charles Rich <RICH at MIT-MC>
	...  It would be nice if the mailing
	code were written a little more cleverly, e.g. to try sequence
	through entries on ZWEI:*CHAOS-MAIL-HOSTS* until it finds one
	that is up.
    I thought that's what it did.
That's what it does in the case of chaos mailing rather than COMSAT
request file mailing.  COMSAT request files must go to the login host,
since ZMail cannot generate the headers.  Perhaps now that OZ is here
and AI is still ailing, the default mail mode for MIT should be CHAOS as