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compiling DEFCOMs

    Date: 15 June 1982 15:57-EDT
    From: Eugene C. Ciccarelli <ECC at MIT-AI>

    For convenience, in my file that customizes Zwei for me, I have
    ECC:DEFCOM deff'd to be ZWEI:DEFCOM.  (So I don't need the
    "Zwei:" each time, and so (I think) Zwei will notice the
    definitions since the line then starts "(def".)

    However, I find that these functions are not getting compiled.
    For example, if you have the following small source file:

	;;; -*- Mode:LISP; Package:USER; Base:10. -*- 
	(deff defcom 'zwei:defcom)
	(defcom COM-DCTEST "..." ()

    and you compile that, you will find that COM-DCTEST is not

You need to wrap an EVAL-WHEN around the DEFF or it won't take effect at
compile time, only when the file is loaded (like any other random form).
I verified that it works provided you do so.