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In ZWEI in LMFILE-Remote 15.2, MIT-Specific 7.1, System 85.48,
ZMail 44.3, Remote-File 8.0, Local-File 37.1, DAEDALUS 45.1,
microcode 123, super, on Lisp Machine Eight:

After loading all my files into Zwei buffers and editing most of them I did
C-X C-B and moused "Compiler Warnings" which claimed to have 93 lines or
thereabouts (I hadn't run the compiler yet).  It seemed to put me in the
middle of a buffer full of compiler warnings for system programs (OK).  I did
C-V to look at more of them and the buffer went blank.  I did M-V and got a
beep, then a message appeared saying "There is already a buffer named Compiler
Warnings".  Then I tried typing various characters; each beeped and gave back
the same warning message.  So I moused List Buffers; the first buffer it
listed was Compiler Warnings [1 line], but when it got done listing all the
other buffers that were supposed to be there it blew up with NIL undefined
function.  Mousing a buffer in the listing didn't work and Aborting the EH
cleared the buffer listing and got me back to the buffer that beeps at every
character.  Typing (ed "agre;sccode") at the Lisp Listener worked, but C-X C-B
failed in the same way, so I set ZWEI:*ZMACS-BUFFER-LIST* to
ZWEI:*ZMACS-BUFFER-HISTORY* and everything seems to work, but I'm still a bit
worried, because the former was quite a bit longer than the latter.  We'll
see.  I don't know what to make of any of it, and I can't make any sense of
the code.