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In ZWEI in System 210.56, ZMail 45.2, Remote-File 103.0, microcode 895,
site configuration 5, on Zaphod Beeblebrox:
\n from : just another tourist

re:	mouse & cursor phenomena in ZWEI

	While hacking with much fervor one eve I noticed
that whenever the mouse was below the border of the edit
window ,AND the left button was clicked, the screen mana-
ger seemed to be completely confused.

	The cursor in the editor window was not, repeat
not blinking, and yet the type-out was appearing there.
To fix this somewhat disconcertening non-flash, one must
simply strike 'SYSTEM E' to apparently reset the faulty
variables. However in keeping with the high standards of
quality that each and every one of you seem to enjoy, I
felt entirely compelled to write this bug report.

(Daniel told me to)

	Thank you,
		Brian Fox  (login 'brianf)